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I’m going to support any decisions the creatures decide to make. They don’t want to stream? That’s BEYOND understandable. They move from the office? That’s BEYOND fair since their address is now public. They don’t make videos for a while? They might need some time. What all of them experienced today was horrible and not funny in any way, luckily nobody was hurt. I will stand by any choices they make, I’m just glad they’re okay.

Walmart security guard shoots 'shoplifting' mother dead in parking lot as she tries to escape with two young children





I am SO goddamned tired of this shit. 

damn, they won’t let up. we can’t run and we can’t surrender. what do they expect us to do? they killed this woman over what some merchandise? you let out on some garments what twisted universe do you gotta come from when a overtime punching rent-a-cop even bothers to chase and then pull a gun? smh rip because there is nothing but war on this side of the final curtain.

I cannot.. I can’t….

an off-duty cop. he could’ve chased her, copied the license #, taken pictures, used any and all of his police resources to find her and arrest her, but nah it’s easier just to SHOOt TO kill her because he had a fucking hunch she was shoplifting. 

after the walmart killing of john crawford, im pretty scared of walking nearby a damn walmart now. yesterday i went there was a white policeman posted up by the newly opened one. who knows when it’ll be me….

Fans have taken Brody’s do-anything attitude and run with it. Video artist Neil Cicierega made two much-remixed online videos—Brodyquest and Brodyquest 2—where the actor travels the world, becomes a rock star, and turns into the universe.

Adrien Brody has seen Brodyquest. His dad showed it to him. “I made it my ringtone at one point,” he said. “It’s hilarious.”

WE HAVE CONFIRMATION (via brodyquest)
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